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Screenplay: Historical Biopic

The Abolitionists

An ordinary person can overcome extraordinary odds to fulfill her dream.

When the most powerful human trafficker in 1912 San Francisco retakes a prized prostitute, a courageous Scottish American woman sets aside plans to marry and fights to liberate thousands of Chinese slave girls with her cohorts.

Synopsis:  In 1911, Donaldina Cameron, head of the Presbyterian Mission Home in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and Anna Woo, mission interpreter, endanger their lives performing raids to rescue Chinese girls from sex slavery. From beating off predators to leaping from rooftop to rooftop, love empowers Donaldina and Anna to keep rescuing and protecting these girls. When a powerful slave trader, Wong Luck, legally regains a rescued prostitute, Donaldina vows to put the human trafficking kingpin out of business with Anna's help.

As an outsider, Donaldina struggles to get the girls, community, police, courts, and politicians to trust her. Anna gives her advice on making inroads with the ex-prostitutes and Chinese community. Matthew Chin, a minister, helps her deal with male authorities.

Donaldina becomes engaged to an itinerant preacher. When he accepts a permanent position in New York, she must choose between a husband and family or the girls and her work. She breaks her engagement to fight Wong Luck, throwing herself into the work wholeheartedly.

The slaver expands his ring. Donaldina convinces Jack Manion, head of Chinatown’s police squad, to gather evidence against him. When Donaldina and Anna convince Quan Yee, a rescued slave, to testify against Wong Luck, he murders the witness.

Donaldina is devastated and questions her conviction and love for the girls. Anna and Matthew encourage her to continue. Donaldina, Anna, and Matthew accompany Jack Manion to Los Angeles to recover Ling Soo, another witness. Undercover as prostitutes, Donaldina and Anna gain the slave’s trust and rescue her through a daring escape.

After a hair-raising car chase through San Francisco and a tense court trial, the kingpin is convicted. The trial’s publicity and severe consequences scare other slave traders. Human trafficking in San Francisco virtually ends.

Donaldina, Anna, Jack, and Matthew celebrate their victory at the Mission Home.

Genre:  An Historical Biopic