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List of completed and upcoming screenplay titles, genres, loglines and themes. 


Blame based on Novel by C.S. Lakin
Genre: Mystery Suspense 
Logline: When the most powerful human trafficker in 1912 San Francisco retakes a prized prostitute, a courageous Scottish American woman sets aside plans to marry and fights to liberate thousands of Chinese slave girls with her cohorts.
Takeaway: Let go of the past to forge your future.


The Abolitionists
Genre: Historical Biopic
Logline: Donaldina Cameron, a courageous Victorian woman, takes down a human trafficking kingpin to free thousands of slave girls in turn-of-the-century San Francisco Chinatown.
Takeaway and Theme: An ordinary person can overcome extraordinary odds to fulfill her dream.


Lady of Devices based on Shelley Adina’s Young Adult Novel Series, Magnificent Devices
Genre: Sci-Fi Steampunk Television Drama
Logline: In an alternate Victorian history, steam power rules the world. A seventeen-year-old society girl's life falls apart when her father bets everything on the combustion engine—and fails. The rich girls may have laughed at her love of engineering, but when circumstances force her into the London underworld, her talent as the Lady of Devices is all that will save her. 
Takeaway: Women can achieve their dreams despite living in a man’s world.


Lost Diamonds 
Genre: A Contemporary Drama Based on a True Story
Logline: Nevaeh, a lonely affluent widow, takes in four delinquent teenage girls to help them complete their three-month sentences despite the mayhem they create.
Description: The Blind Side with a multicultural group of girls. Making a difference is worth it.


Second Act
Genre: A Romantic Comedy
Logline: Chris Abbet, a former 1990s pop/rock superstar, is forced to teach an unruly boy band how to sing before their first concert or else lose his contract. The band's sexy studio teacher, suffering the loss of her parents, can’t let Chris know she is his number one fan, but helps him find the courage to reinvent himself, and in the process, finds healing herself.
Description: Music & Lyrics meets One Direction. Renewal, recovery, and rebirth set against the backdrop of the popular music industry. Accept abstract losses and move on.


Thunder Dog based on the New York Times Bestseller: Thunderdog
Genre: Historical Biopic
Logline: A blind man escapes Tower One of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th with the help of his guide dog and uses his blindness to help others escape as well.
Takaway: Faith, trust and teamwork lead to triumph.