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About Me

As a freelance writer and editor, I am well-versed in many forms of writing. My specialties are screenwriting, eBay ad copy, devotional writing, blogging, articles, novels, grant writing, and newsletters. I have edited short stories, memoirs, novels, and articles.

In ninth grade, my English teacher scribbled a little note in the margin of my composition that simply read, "Carol, your're a writer."

Ever since then, I have dreamed of becoming a writer.  Little did I know that many years would pass before my fantasy would become reality.  I had stashed that desire on a shelf to ready myself for the "real world" of college, career and marriage.

After my daughter's birth, I contemplated what to do with my life when she began school.  I gazed up and my eyes rested on an old book. Wondering what it was, I seized it from the shelf, polished away the dust and opened it.  It was my dream of becoming a writer! 

After publishing a non-fiction book, I completed a novel, but found my true passion in writing screenplays.

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About Us

A screenwriter who have written various genres.  I have five completed screenplays and are ready to be optioned or produced. 

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